Anker 15W Dual Port USB Solar Charger

Posted on Jun 3 2016 - 9:02am by Adam E

Anker 15W Solar Charger Backpack

The Anker 15W Dual-Port USB Solar Charger ($40) is perfect for outdoor excursions where you may not have access to chargers for your smartphone, camera, or other gadgets. First of all, the price is down from $79.99, now just $39.99 with free shipping. This flexible solar charger has 2 usb ports and can put out 2.1 amps per port (3a max). The panels are 11 × 6.3-inches folded or 18.1 × 11-inches when opened and has elastic loops on the corners for attaching to backpacks, tents, trees, etc…

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