UK’s Red Phone Booths Become Smartphone Repair Shops

Posted on Aug 23 2016 - 9:55am by gchoe


The iconic red UK phone booths are getting a new lease on life. Their latest role is being filled/created by Lovefone, a mobile phone repair shop. These underused phone booths now offer free Wi-Fi, six free charging ports, and an onsite repair shop.

Each box is oriented differently, so Lovefone adapts the design to suit each location. To begin with, any remaining payphone fittings are removed. A frame to which all of the internal units are attached is then assembled, using wooden wedges to keep everything level. Finally, another secondary floor layer is added, under which a floor safe is installed. The perforated back panel is made of a metal sheet, while birch ply is used for the wooden elements for its clean look and strength.

Lovefone plans to open around 37 locations throughout London in the next 18 months. These Lovefone repair phone booths are just over 10-sqft. Good thing they are loaded with windows. Great reuse of these phone booths, so much better than scrapping them.

lovefone-lovefonebox-phone-booth-smartphone-repair-1  lovefone-lovefonebox-phone-booth-smartphone-repair-3



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