NuTonomy And Singapore Release The First Self-Driving Taxis

Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 10:10am by Lew

NuTonomy Self Driving Taxi

Both Volvo and Uber have been trying to be the first out with a self-driving taxi. Well, at least the first to deploy it to the real world. One of the biggest hurdles is our fine government and the hurdles they impose on new technology. Solution, head over to Singapore like NuTonomy has done.

NuTonomy is the first private enterprise to test autonomous taxis on public roads. The Singapore trial of self-driving taxis is taking place in the one-north business district.

Lucky passengers will be picked up by either a Mitsubishi iMiEV or a Renault Zoe. These cars will drive themselves, but will have an engineer riding along to observe and step in if need be.

A full launch is planned in 2018 if all goes well. Way to go NuTonomy.

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