USB Kill 2.0 Is A USB Stick That Kills Computers

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 10:42am by Ty G


File this one under disgruntled employee or evil trolling. The USB Kill 2.0 ($49) looks like a standard USB memory stick but it is so much more evil.

USB Kill 2.0 has one job, to kill desktops, laptops, TV’s, or just about anything with a USB port. When plugged in, it begins collecting power from the USB port (5V, 1-3A) until it reaches around 240-volts, upon which it returns this¬†extra power the USB port. Computer fried (most computers, not the newest MacBooks).

Think twice before plugging in USB sticks you may find laying around!

Videos of the USB Kill 2.0 after the break.

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