Rat Works Mini MRX = Chain Drive Automatic Knife

Posted on Oct 13 2016 - 3:28pm by Russ


Possibly the coolest knife out there let alone the coolest automatic. The Rat Works Mini MRX is the smaller version of the Rat Works MRX. Same thing, just smaller and better for every day carry (EDC).

The Rat Worx MRX (and mini) are both very highly rated knives and are known for being incredibly tough. There are plenty of videos of people doing awful things to the Rat Works MRX and the knife continues to function as intended.


So what makes the Rat Worx MRX and Rat Worx MRX Mini so special? Start off with the unique chain drive system. The knife is opened by a tiny bicycle¬†style chain that connects the blade to a set of dual nested extension springs (left and right hand wound). The knife isn’t covered like a billboard with branding. In fact, the logo and serial number are concealed inside of the handle. The blade is machine hollow ground CPM-154 steel. The blade pivots on a permanently lubricated washer system. Additionally the knife is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

More pictures and video with details of the Rat Worx MRX knife after the break.

rat-worx-mrx-mini-chain-drive-automatic-knife-3 rat-worx-mrx-mini-chain-drive-automatic-knife-4 rat-worx-mrx-mini-chain-drive-automatic-knife-5

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