Chef’s Elite Meat Vacuum Marinator

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 10:25am by gchoe


For the foodies amongst us, you know how a good marinade can bring improve upon meat and veggie dishes. The problem with marinating meat is that it can take a full 24 hours to get a good marinade soak. That certainly doesn’t work for the spontaneous chef. Add some tumbling and vacuum power and you can have the same result in 15-30 minutes.

The STX-1000-CE Chef’s Elite Meat & Veggie Vacuum Marinator ($89) makes marinating a snap.

  • Digital Control Panel with Auto Shut Off
  • Vacuum Marinating is the Secret
  • Super Fast, Super Easy, Super Results
  • Roating Drum Design for Deep Flavor Marinating
  • Includes Over a Dozen Marinating Recipes to Pump Up your Experience

stx-1000-ce-chefs-elite-vacuum-marinator-controls stx-1000-ce-chefs-elite-vacuum-marinator-tube-storage stx-1000-ce-chefs-elite-vacuum-marinator-tube

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