Pacific Island Powered By Solar And Battery – Ta’u American Samoa

Posted on Nov 22 2016 - 5:43pm by Lew


Now that Tesla has completed the incestuous acquisition of Solar City they can begin the deeper integration of solar and battery. In my opinion solar and battery go together like chocolate and peanut butter. It just make sense.

Back to the story at hand, Solar City recently completed a 1.4 MW array on the island of Ta’u in American Samoa. The array features 5,328 solar panels that cover 2.5 acres. This microgrid is paired up with 6 MWh’s of Tesla Powerpacks. This battery setup can charge in just seven hours of sunlight and can power the island for three days without sun. Pretty cool right?!


The coolest part is that Ta’u now doesn’t need to rely on dirty diesel generators like they have in the past. The scary part is 100% of the diesel that was used previously had to be shipped to the island. Not only was this method environmentally unfriendly it also left the island without power from time-to-time.

Vide showing more details of this awesome story after the break.

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