6-Pack Of Bottle Locks To Keep The Holidays In Check

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 8:19am by Steve M


This gadget, the Tantalus Bottle Lock, is designed to lock the top of any liquor bottle preventing access without the key. It is made of strong polycarbonate, contours to various bottle necks, and is tamper-resistant.

Why would you want to lock up your alcohol bottles this holiday season? Maybe you have some wild and curious kids visiting who might want to impress their cousins. Maybe your alcoholic uncle Bill is visiting. Or, possibly you are trying to keep yourself from drinking as relatives defend on your once peaceful town. Whatever the case it is a cheap insurance policy.

The Bottle Lock comes in a 6-pack for just $39 and is available here. The same key fits all six bottles. Phew. If it didn’t, that alone could drive someone to drinking.

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