Pacsafe AT80 Anti-Theft Adventure Duffel Bag

Posted on Feb 28 2017 - 8:23am by Russ

Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag Backpack

If you are on the move traveling to cities and countries where pickpockets and thieves flourish you might want to invest in a “smarter” bag. The Pacsafe AT80 has a few anti-theft features built-in to make it safer than you average travel bag.

Designed for the active traveler, the Duffelsafe AT collection seamlessly integrates signature Pacsafe security features into a lightweight, water-resistant travel duffel. With eXomesh slashguard stainless steel wire mesh integrated throughout the fabric and Puncture Resistant ToughZip zippers, you’ll be able to tackle tough terrain and outsmart even tougher threats.

Additionally the Duffelsafe AT80 has side and top haul handles, ah shoulder strap, and a pair of detachable backpack straps. The “80” in AT80 is for the size, 80-liter main compartment.

Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag AT80  Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag eXomesh Slashguard Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag Shoulder Strap Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag Zipper Pacsafe Duffelsafe Anti-Theft Bag



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