Automated Triage Nurse Of The Future

Posted on Mar 7 2017 - 9:52am by Lisa C.

BeWell Wellpoint Triage Nurse Robot

The march of automation continues. Some people think that their jobs are untouchable, for example folks in the medical field. There are already robots that can perform highly technical and precise surgeries. It won’t stop there. The triage nurse has a new robotic competitor from a Begian company called BeWell. The robot is named Wellpoint and it is a self-service kiosk for patients entering hospitals.

Traditionally a nurse would take about seven minutes to say “hello”, measure your weight, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure and another few minutes to enter the data into the hospitals computer system. The BeWell Wellpoint does it all in just three minutes while simultaneously updating your medical records. Same goes for the pre-analysis questions and form-filling process. Video of this new robotic triage nurse in action after the break.

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