Ruffian E-Bike With Old-Fashioned Styling

Posted on Aug 8 2017 - 8:02am by Adam E


E-bikes continue to grow in popularity. Not surprising. They are quiet, fun to ride, and economical for short commutes. Well this retro chopper e-bike looks like it belongs in California but is actually made in Germany.

So what makes this Ruffian e-Bike tick? Well, it starts off with a Bosch 500-Wh battery pack (hidden inside the powder coated tank), an eight-speed hub gearbox from Shimano, hydraulic brakes, 26-inch wheels, and a Bosch 250W pedal-assisted motor. All of this weighs 73-lbs and has a range of 56-miles with a 3.5-hour charge time. The bike will stop assisting your pedaling at 20 mph in the US and 16 mph in Europe.


Three colors of the Ruffian are available starting at $6,500. Hmm, seems a bit rich to me considering you can buy a Chevrolet Spark for $13,000. Just saying.

ruffian-e-bike-1 ruffian-e-bike-4  ruffian-e-bike-8 ruffian-e-bike-10

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