Jet Angler – A Jet-Propelled Fishing Kayak

Posted on Aug 18 2017 - 9:43am by Pete M

Jet Angler Jet Propelled Kayak Joystick

The jetANGLER by Aquanami is a jet propelled one or two person fishing kayak. The Jet Angler is powered by a 17.5-horsepower, 4-stroke gas engine. Top speed is close to 30mph and range is 40-miles with the standard fuel tank.

If you are a fisherman or waterfowl hunter this gas powered kayak is just what you have been wishing for. It will get you into places that boats can’t get to. It will also take you into locations that you don’t want to walk to. It’s small enough to conceal your whereabouts, and big enough to be considered rugged, durable, functional, and affordable. Our jetANGLER is for the outdoorsman in all of us. Even if you don’t hunt or fish, it’s a Blast to drive and ride in.

Video and pictures of this jet propelled fishing kayak after the break.

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  1. Geoffrey Schulz October 6, 2017 at 3:51 am -

    Where can one purchase one of these? I have seen them (and others) advertised for years, but they are nowhere to be found. Stop teasing us and actually deliver!

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