Icon Duesey Watch

Posted on Aug 24 2017 - 8:54am by Ty G

Icon Duesey Watch Face

If you haven’t heard of Icon, they are craftsman who reincarnate classic vehicles. They mix the best of old and new to create amazing pieces. The Icon Duesey Watch manages to create something simplistic and timeless. The dial is made of onyx stone, the guts are swiss-made, the strap is alligator skin, and the body is 42mm’s of titanium. There will only be 50 numbered Icon Duesey Watches in the world at a price of $11,500 each.

This is not some pre-existing watch with an ICON logo. This is a passionately developed project starting from scratch, from the singular perspective of one man. Countless sketches, models, samples and hundreds of hours of consideration led to its creation. Every aesthetic element of this design, from bezel to buckle, is unique to The Duesey, crafted specifically for this one watch. 100% designed and modelled by Jonathan, and Swiss manufactured, this timeless watch is extremely limited to 50 examples. Featuring a unique combination of materials, and a vintage Jump Hour display with wandering minutes, the 42mm ICON Duesey design and rarity is on par with Jonathan’s famous ICON custom vehicles. A proven and globally-serviceable Swiss movement was also a vital priority.

Icon Duesey Watch Crown Icon Duesey Watch Dash  Icon Duesey Watch Onyx Icon Duesey Watch Rear Icon Duesey Watch Wrist

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