HydroHouse All-In-One House, Dock, And Seaplane Mooring

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 10:11am by Robby S.


Considering that the earths population is set to grow from 7 to 9 billion in the next 2o years it is time to get creative about housing options. Add that with the fact that most of the earth’s surface is covered in water and that 75 percent of the world’s megacities are butted right up against the water. I’m not even going to get into global warming and sea level changes. You get the idea. ¬†Time for a houseboat.

This isn’t your typical “houseboat”. The HydroHouse was designed by Zhivov and Baikal Yacht Group and combines a houseboat, dock, and seaplane mooring. That alone is pretty amazing but it is also transportable by a normal semi-truck. When/if the world goes full crazy, untie the ropes and push-off.

Check out more pictures after the break.

baikal-yachts-houseboats-hydrohouse-1 baikal-yachts-houseboats-hydrohouse-2 baikal-yachts-houseboats-hydrohouse-3 baikal-yachts-houseboats-hydrohouse-4 baikal-yachts-houseboats-hydrohouse-6

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