Easy Motion Evo AWD Big Bud Pro +

Posted on May 1 2018 - 9:06am by Adam E


Fat tire bikes are pretty cool but awfully tough to get up the mountain with all of that rolling resistance. Sure, you could electrify the bike and make the rear wheel assist with the climb, but the folks at Easy Motion made an AWD e-bike. The Easy Motion Evo AWD Big Bud Pro + ($3,499) has added a 350-watt rear hub motor and a 250-watt hub motor up front to their 2-wheel drive fat bike.

“The drive system has four modes. You can run with 100 percent front or back wheel if you like, set it to AWD which proportions power between the wheels to prioritize traction and get you up slippery hills most effectively, or set it to Eco mode, which optimizes range by starting you off with the rear wheel but transitions to the front while you’re rolling. We’re not sure how that comes away as more efficient, but that’s what it does.”

The Evo AWD Big Bud Pro + has a 60-mile range and a relatively hidden 600 watt-hour battery. Charge time to 80 percent is just two hours while 100 percent takes three hours. Gearing is handled by the Shimano Acera series and braking by Tektro Auriga discs. All of this goodness comes at a price… weighing in at 64 lbs.



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