Save Money And Reuse – Recycled Billboard Advertising As Tarps

Posted on Sep 16 2019 - 10:29am by Russ

billboard tarp

I like this one. A bit of recycling stuff that otherwise would have made it directly to the landfill. In this case, old roadside billboard advertisements get a second life as high-quality tarps. They are already UV treated and typically are thicker and stronger than the tarps found at the local hardware store.

For a quick price comparison, I tried to find the closest size and thickness. Here goes –

Amazon Tarp                                          Recycled Billboard Tarp

10′ x 10′ 16 mil tarp                                10′ x 11′ 15-17 mil tarp
$30                                                            $15

18′ x 24′ 16 mil tarp                                16′ x 23′ 15-17 mil tarp
$84                                                            $44

You get the idea. Another neat thing is that you can get some unaturally large sizes like 36′ x 85′! Check it out here.

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