Silicon Valley TV Show Releases Temporary Batch Of Tres Comas Tequila

Posted on Dec 10 2019 - 11:55am by Steve M


If you watch the Silicon Valley tv show, you likely have seen Russ Hanneman, the billionaire tech titan portrayed by Chris Diamantopoulos. Well, the show continues with its good humor by launching a batch of their own tequila –  Tres Comas Añejo Tequila to “re-billionize his bank account.”

This is the “only tequila acceptable for billionaires,” and even has a bottle top in the shape of a comma. This tequila is made in Mexico by Diageo and is 100-percent Blue Weber agave tequila aged in American Oak barrels for over a year. The flavor profile includes notes of vanilla and spice. You can get yours for around $45-$49 here.

“Tres Comas is literally the best tequila on the market. I drink it, so that’s how you know,” Hanneman said. “I love it! I’ll buy a round for everyone! I can do that because I’m a billionaire. I’ll also buy everyone a safe ride home though, can’t let anything happen to my baby. And by my baby, I mean my precious and really expensive sportscar.”


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