Godzilla Humidifier – Take My Money

Posted on Mar 18 2020 - 9:35am by Steve M

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Yep, it is finally here, the Godzilla Humidifier. Godzilla emits a steamy breath that is lit with LED’s in his mouth. When you turn on the power button the same music from the movie starts playing the tune when Godzilla appears on screen. There are other sound effects like a roar. Video of the Godzilla humidifier after the break.

  • Godzilla is here..with his radiant heat rays..!! First of its kind….King of Humidifiers..!!
  • When you Turn on the Power Button, same music just like movie will start when godzilla appers.
  • There are LEDs in godzilla’s mouth which will light up with effect sound of radiant heat rays.
  • Footsteps and operations will stops as soon as tank runs out of water.
  • Godzilla’s theme song will play when turn off this product.

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