What we like most about the Eee Top is that it’s small enough and light enough to move from room to room, but with an even smaller footprint than a laptop. It achieves that space-savings because the touch screen lets you go without a keyboard...

I love my Eee PC for simple computing and web browsing while on the go.  Good to see the price coming down for the slightly larger 10-inch screen unit, check it out at Costco for only $449.99 –

Posted on May 12 2008 - 9:06am by Russ

Looks like Asus hit their scheduled shipping date with the new 8.9-inch Eee PC 900.  If you need the 8.9-inch screen you can pick up the Linux version for

Reader review by Robby S. I was searching through some of the EEE user forums and came across this charger kit for the Asus EEE PC and purchased one after a few good reviews. ...

Asus finally confirmed specs and pricing for the long awaited Eee PC 904, which is essentially a PC 900 in a PC 1000’s body with a bigger keyboard. Looks like they are creeping towards laptophood…  It uses the Intel Celeron-M 900MHz processor instead of the Atom...

Posted on Jun 26 2008 - 8:05am by Russ

Asus has officially announced their latest PC, the Eee Box PC.  The computer, which is nothing super exciting, is available in a handful of colors, uses an Intel Atom N270 CPU (1.6GHz), 1GB of DDR2 Memory, 80GB Hard Drive, 802.11 (b,g,n), Giga LAN, and a card reader. ...

Looks like Dell decided to jump into the UMPC market and give the Asus Eee a run.  Their isn’t much data on the unit other than some Dell press shots… what we do know is that the color is ugly, it has 3 USB ports, an ethernet port, VGA out, and a card reader. [

Posted on Oct 29 2008 - 9:40am by Russ

Watch out Asus Eee PC… HP is hungry and wants your lunch.  HP’s latest venture into the tiny laptop world is their