If you are an "executive" type and can't stomach wearing the brighter colored Dr. Dre headphones, the Dr. Dre Beats Executive Headphones might fit the bill.  Although a good pair of earbuds might be a bit more discrete.  The Beats Executive Headphones feature a leather...

Posted on Mar 15 2011 - 8:57am by Robby S.

The "˜Soul by Ludacris' headphones have finally been priced and will begin shipping in May.  Signeo, the manufacturer, has priced them just below the


Imagine being able to take almost any design or text and instantly print it on most surfaces. Want to label put your name on your kids underwear, label your scrapbook, add your logo to a cardboard box, etc… The PrintBrush XDR can take a design from your smartphone wirelessly and lay it down in full color on all kinds of surfaces (paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, etc.). You simply drag the printer across your surface and it quickly lays down color prints.

Thanks to built-in sensors and intelligent software, the imprint will always be correct independently of the direction or the speed of a user’s hand movement. You can go as slow or as fast as you want. You can even stop in the middle of the printout: the PrintBrush XDR delivers accurate and reliable results.

Currently the PrintBrush XDR lives on KickStarter and isn’t fully funded. Fingers crossed they make it and the product works as good as the demo.


Posted on Jun 18 2008 - 3:15am by Craig

Ohhh the age old problem of the office pen thief.  No matter where I have worked… pens have always disappeared.  “Fred” thinks they may have the solution to the pen thieves in your life, the “borrow my pen?”. Some of the clever...

A truly unique opportunity came up for the crew of Gadget King. A great friend of ours, Phil Yeh (Marketing Executive) got us a meeting with the wizards at Alter-G, the cutting edge company...