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Sure, technically it is a “coin purse” that has a couple of snaps so you can clip it on to your backpack or belt. But the EASYANT Coin Purse ($39) is also a “skull thumper” or self defense weapon similar to the old soap in the sock trick. You get the idea. ...

Posted on Feb 6 2019 - 10:08am by Pete M

I guess people really want self-tying shoes. Nike is already on their second generation of the HyperAdapt self-tying shoe. Now Puma is joining the field with their own self-tying shoes named “Fi” (Fit Intelligence). The Puma Fi shoes adapt to the owners feet when they swipe the top of the shoe’s tongue. Inside this elevated tongue is a micrometer that activates a pair of cables for tightening the shoe. If you like your shoes tighter or looser, you can adjust them through a Puma smartphone app or Apple Watch. ...

Posted on Dec 17 2018 - 7:57pm by Pete M

Tenacious Tape Repair

How can you argue with a product named Tenacious Tape? I bought some of this “tenacious tape” months ago and recently had an opportunity to try it out in real life. Read on for the story of how I saved my jacket from the trashcan. (more…)

Creo Cosmic Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch

I have been lusting after the Omega Speedmaster watch for quite sometime (5 years to be exact). This latest Speedmaster rendition, the Creo Cosmic Omega Speedmaster Professional, was built to celebrate the six Apollo moon landings. It is a very limited release (6pcs worldwide), will cost $4,950, and can be customized with your color choices. The watch dial is hand-painted with tiny colorful specs which represent the nights sky.  (more…)

The leaks and rumors were pretty accurate this year. Apple launched a handful of new phones packed with new technology and some new colors. Oh, and some awful naming conventions (XS, XR, and XS Max). They also launched the Series 4 Watch with a 35% larger screen while both the 40 and 44mm are thinner. The backs of the watches are a thing of beauty and are made of sapphire crystal and black ceramic. Apple has also managed to add much more information (complications) the the face of the screen. The Series 4 Watch has doubled down on health...

This watch, which likely costs more than your house, has been in the making for four years. It is a collaboration between Richard Mille and Sylvester Stallone. The RM25-01 would certainly make Rambo proud, assuming he has $983,000. The Richard Mille 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Watch has a 50.85 bezel, wild tourbillon movement, 24-hour time display, a chronograph, and is made of titanium and Carbon TPT. You can dive down to 100 meters but...

polimaster PM1208M

With the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster still fresh in our minds some folks want to know if, and when, they come into contact with radioactive material. This watch is about 1/3 the cost of typical radiation detecting watches at $320.

The Polimaster PM1208M continuously monitors radiation and counts radiation dose exposure. The watch will alert an audible alarm when it detects high radiation emissions. It also tells time with a Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement.

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 9:19am by Russ

When working around the home an extra set of hands is pretty helpful but rarely available. That means I have to make several trips to the toolbox or stuff my pockets with tools/parts. Not ideal. The RAK Magnetic Wristband ($13) holds nuts, bolts, sockets, and screws right where you need them. Never lose small parts and pieces again. The RAK Magnetic Wristband has 10 strong magnets embedded throughout the band and is made of durable nylon.  ...

Posted on Jun 1 2018 - 9:09am by Russ

Whether you like the fashion sense of the fanny pack wearer or not, you have to admit it is super-duper usefully. I argue, downright sexy. Anywho. Now take that utilitarian fanny pack and embed it on a pair of slides (sandals) and you have the Nike Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Slides. Available in black, black/pink, and green/blue. Great for lugging keys, drugs, money, and other small items. ...

Smatree Charging Case For Apple Watch Open

If you have an Apple Watch and are like me, you have some sort of bedside charging stand for your watch. At the end of the day, I put my Apple Watch on its charging stand so it is ready in the morning. When I travel I find myself having to disassemble the stand to remove the watch charging cable so I can charge while not at home. Not ideal, and sure I could just buy another charging cable, but I think I found something that suits me better.

The Smatree Charging Case for Apple Watch is a soft leather zippered case that not only protects your watch while packed but charges it as well. It has a 3,000 man battery that can charge your watch 4-6 times. You will have to buy another apple charging cable to put inside of this case/charger but well worth it when on the road. No more plugging in or removing my old cable. This Apple Watch charging case also has an external USB port for charging other devices All this for just $29 here. (more…)