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Posted on Mar 5 2008 - 9:16am by Gadget King

Crocs the maker of the funny looking colorful shoes, are now making cellphone shoes?  Long story short, it is a case for your cellphone that looks like a croc shoe.  The new case which comes with an adjustable strap, belt-clip, and lanyard also has a section for holding your credit cards and ID.  Wow! The new Crocs “o-dial” cases are available now...

Posted on Mar 5 2008 - 9:02am by L.

Every so often big organizations like to attract our attention by burning money on meaningless contests with loud titles. The latest intellectual spank-fest is called City of The...

Posted on Mar 4 2008 - 11:55am by Craig

Do you keep them in the sock drawer? Do you keep them in the medicine cabinet? Do you keep them in your bedside drawer behind the Old Spice next to the hand cuffs? Do you keep them in your Trunk Station?...

A NEW facial harness now on the market lays claim to the ability to improve milady’s beauty. How the device is worn is illustrated in the photo above. Sagging chins are lifted and unbecoming wrinkles are smoothed out around the lips, cheeks and forehead, manufacturers claim. It is worn overnight, removed in morning. {Via

Posted on Feb 28 2008 - 2:01pm by Craig

You know what I like to do when I’m sitting on the couch, watching American Idol, eating Doritos, and drinking my Coke – I walk my dog! How do I do this? You say it’s impossible! Not if you own the Fit-Fur-Life Doggy...

Posted on Feb 27 2008 - 9:02am by Russ

For the tough guy/girl in the office, the “Knuckle Duster”coffee mug. You can either get your cup decorated in blood splatter or butterfly’s (?).  Buy it here for about $16. {Via thabto} ...

Posted on Feb 25 2008 - 10:08am by Craig

Do you suffer from eye strain, eye fatigue, or just have ugly bags under your eyes? Never fear the Eyesseuse is here. It gently massages the optic area while promoting blood circulation, so you’ll not only feel better...

Posted on Feb 25 2008 - 9:57am by Russ

Is there really a need for this type of product… seems most men would be willing to provide this type of service for free. Either way, no need in writing too much creative copy… the patent writer has already done it for us.Our favorites: “The BMR is expected to be in great demand.” “Three percent of them got canceration…”...

The ever famous cheeseburger in a can gets opened and eaten on video. Gotta love the magic can with double sided access. Quote of the day… “This is me eating one of the famous cheeseburgers in a can. It is kinda ok although the noise the meat makes...

Posted on Jan 29 2008 - 5:16pm by Gadget King

This is a tough one to categorize! The biggest letters on the can should be something to the effect of, “Object in can may look different than actual product”. The title on the can is –