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Posted on Jul 1 2019 - 10:49am by drakaal

Delorean Hovercraft

If you have $19k kicking around, this 2008 Delorean Hovercraft can be yours. It is currently listed on the Facebook Marketplace and is located in San Francisco. What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? More pictures of the Delorean Hovercraft after the break. (more…)

Gibbs Terraquad Amphibious UTV 3

The Gibbs Terraquad Amphibious UTV plays well on land and in the water.  In fact it can go 50mph on land and 45mph on the water. Very respectable speeds for both.

The downfall of such a Swiss Army Knife style of vehicle is that it won’t be a “great” UTV or boat. It will be good enough, however. It has tiny tires and just rear wheel drive. In other words, don’t expect to conquer the rubicon trail in this amphibious UTV.

It would be perfect for getting around a ranch, trailer park on the river, or the retirement community on the lake. Video and pictures of the Gibbs Terraquad after the break. (more…)


Considering that the earths population is set to grow from 7 to 9 billion in the next 2o years it is time to get creative about housing options. Add that with the fact that most of the earth’s surface is covered in water and that 75 percent of the world’s megacities are butted right up against the water. I’m not even going to get into global warming and sea level changes. You get the idea.  Time for a houseboat.

This isn’t your typical “houseboat”. The HydroHouse was designed by Zhivov and Baikal Yacht Group and combines a houseboat, dock, and seaplane mooring. That alone is pretty amazing but it is also transportable by a normal semi-truck. When/if the world goes full crazy, untie the ropes and push-off.

Check out more pictures after the break.


I think it is pretty fair to say that kids truly do have it pretty good these days. Geesh. I was just having a discussion with a few buddies and one of them was bragging because he grew up with a Green Machine while all of his friends could only afford Big Wheels. How times have changed. I was just getting used to kids driving around in their tiny electric cars. This electric powerboat for...

Subwing Gif

The Subwing ($249) is an actual product you can buy today. It is made to be towed behind a watercraft at a slow speed of about 3-knots. The idea is to recreate the feeling of flying while underwater. More pictures and video after the break. (more…)

The jetANGLER by Aquanami is a jet propelled one or two person fishing kayak. The Jet Angler is powered by a 17.5-horsepower, 4-stroke gas engine. Top speed is close to 30mph and range is 40-miles with the standard fuel tank. If you are a fisherman or waterfowl hunter this gas powered kayak is just what you have been wishing for. It will get you into places that boats can’t get to. It will also take you into locations that you don’t want to walk to. It’s small enough to conceal your whereabouts, and big enough to be considered rugged,...

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time. There are ones for the house and pool, and now… one for your large boat or yacht. The KeelCrab is the first R.O.V for the autonomous cleaning of your boats hull and keel. A clean hull is a big deal. It can reduce...

The Flynano Fun Flyer is what happens when you mix a jetski with a light aircraft. It is light, nimble, fast, and can fly. It is 100% electric, made of carbon fiber, weighs less than 155-pounds, requires no license, and is built in Finland. Check it out here. ...

Good luck focusing on paddling in this amazing transparent kayak. The Driftsun Transparent Kayak is made of UV resistant polycarbonate sheeting for excellent underwater viewing. The Driftsun Crystal Clear Kayak ($1,599) is 11-feet long and built for two (425-lb weight capacity). Looks like a fun way to snorkel without getting wet.    ...

Paul Larsen holds the record for the world’s fastest sailing boat at 78mph. The sail boat used was called the VESTAS Sailrocket 2 and it looks like no other sailboat. Video of the VSR2 hauling butt in rough seas after the break. ...