DJI is known for their quadcopters no doubt. They, in my opinion, are the most reliable quads on the market today. Now they are applying their proven 3-axis stabilization to a handheld gimbal, the DJI Osmo ($649) with a 4k camera along for the ride. The camera shoots 4K video and up to 120fps at 1080P. Heck you can even put a better camera/lens on the stabilizer if that is your thing. There is a joystick...

DJI is on fire these days and has just announced the release of their latest quadcopter the Phantom 3. Similar body as the Phantom 2 with an option for a 4K camera. The Phantom 3 comes in two models with the main only difference being the camera and the price tag, the Advanced (1080P 60FPS) and the

There are plenty of quadcopters on the market, most of which are cheap toys. DJI doesn’t make anything that is cheap and currently they are the Apple of the Quadcopter video segment. DJI has just stepped up their game with the DJI Inspire 1 which includes some new impressive technology and even a high-end 4K camera.  Time to sell the Phantom 2 Vison+. Read on for details and amazing video of the DJI Inspire 1.

Sure, at first glance, the DJI S900 looks a lot like the S800. But there are some nice improvements with this hexacopter. Some of the major improvements include retractable landing gear, carbon fiber arms (more strength and less weight), a removable upper center board, spark-proof electrical connectors (about time), folding blades and arms for transport, and a new power distribution system and faster speed controllers. Read on for details of why you might want to upgrade your video copter.

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 8:31am by Russ

As luck would have it, a few months after I purchase my DJI Phantom Quadcopter they come out with the Phantom 2 Vision.  In other words my old quadcopter became yesterdays news in just a few months.  Oh well.  Another excuse to purchase a newer toy and do a quick review.  Read on for details.

First of all, if you haven't read our review of the DJI Phantom Quadcopter, you should.  Secondly, you have to watch this video of the DJI Phantom Quacopter ($679) with a Go Pro Hero3 shooting some very cool footage of Niagara Falls.  Simply amazing and impressive site to see at these...

DJI Innovations is no stranger to high end remote controlled helicopters and drones.  Their S800 (Spreading Wings) Hexacopter has been a favorite choice among serious hobbyists.  I happen to own the S800 with the Wookong-M autopilot system and while I love it, it is incredibly difficult for a new user to setup.  You practically need a PhD to figure out the ESL manual, assemble the beast, and then tune it for flight.  Things just got a bit simpler for new...

My two main gripes about RC drones are around battery life and wireless range. Even the new DJI’s with all of their improvements in battery life and range, still have me wrapping up flights in under 30 minutes. If the tech keeps improving I may not have to wait too much longer. Fingers crossed.

Or… I could buy a Parrot DISCO today – swap out some batteries and mod the wireless signal to work over the 4G LTE cellular network. That means, flight times over an hour with range only limited by battery life and cellular signals. The mod is from UAVPAL and can be found here.

Spry Waterproof Drone and Remote Control

As much as I love the DJI drones  , they still aren’t waterproof, they don’t float, and they certainly can’t submerge and survive. I have lost two DJI quads to the water and believe me, the feeling sucks.

Spry Submersible Drone

Well this KickStarter team hopes to solve a few of these problems with their orange drone, Spry. Spry flies, floats, and can even submerge. Everything on the drone is waterproof including the remote control. Water performance won’t be great (wireless signals don’t do well in water) but the drone is pretty quick in the air at 43 mph. The camera is 4k at 30 fps and stills are snapped at 12 megapixels.

Other Spry drone features include; Hold Position, Auto Follow, Object Orbit and Return to Pilot’s Position. Check it out at KickStarter. More pictures and video after the break. (more…)

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Parrot Anafi DJI competitor

Finally a drone worth comparing/competing with the DJI models (Spark, Mavic Air). The Parrot Anafi is a great drone that is both portable and capable. Instead of talking to all of the points with this drone I will highlight some of the cool/new features and some of the negatives (not too many).

New stuff/Cool stuff –
– 4K HDR camera with 2.8x lossless digital zoom
– 180-degree tilting gimbal
– No props in the video frame (problem with DJI copters)
– 25 minute flight time
– Quiet prop wash for quieter flights
– Automated flight modes for following objects, etc.
– Ultra portable and just 320g
– USB-C charging means no more bulky chargers
$699 price tag

Negatives – 
– The “real life” range isn’t as good as the DJI
– No obstacle avoidance

Great video comparing specs/usability with that of the DJI Mavic Air after the break. (more…)