Posted on Dec 8 2009 - 8:26am by Russ

Apparently building codes are a bit relaxed in this part of Japan, or the Japanese are just better builders than us Mericans.  The Fukudas wanted to build on this hillside land but decided they wanted a view "“ enter the stilts.  The house isn't new,...

The Japanese are crazy constantly in search of the next WTF entertainment moment.  This latest nugget of a find is basically wrestling, but they beat the heck out of each other with fluorescent tubes.  Forget about the poisonous gasses that come out of these tubes, both...

Doryu Camera Company made this 2-16 pistol camera for the Japanese police department in 1952.. … the cam-gun was originally designed to provide Japanese police with a tool to catch criminals in the act, as well as photograph protestors. Equipped with a built-in flash system (for night...


Albermo, a Japanese tuning shop, has released a body kit for the Toyota RAV4 that makes it look like a Lamborghini Urus. It takes quite a few panels to get the final look;

  • Front bumper ($1,291)
  • Honeycomb corners ($75)
  • Rear panel ($730)
  • Four side moldings ($150)

Keep reading for a video of the Toyota-to-Lamborghini transformation. (more…)

Posted on Jun 27 2018 - 8:53am by Ty G

Tanita ES-100 Odor Detector

Hotter weather and longer days might outlast your armpit deodorant. Some say it is difficult to detect you own stink, why gamble. Enter this Japanese gadget from Tanita. This electric nose is basically a handheld body odor detector.

The Tanita ES-100 has a flip-out arm that you hold near the suspected odor. In just 10-seconds the ES-100 rates your odor on a scale of 1-10, 10 is bad. The Tanita ES-100 odor detector should be available July 1st for around $40.

Tanita ES-100 Odor Detector 2

Love slow-drip cold brew coffee? The Dripo Cold Brew Coffee Maker ($34) makes the process super easy and portable. Simply put your coffee grounds into the middle section, fill the top with icy cold water, and let the slow drip process...

This pedal powered roller coaster, in Okayama, Japan, is high above the ground and has amazing views. I guess the lawyers in Japan aren’t as out of control as ours here in the US. There are no guard rails on either side and the riders are only held in by a simple seat belt. Energy for the SkyCycle pedal powered roller coaster is powered by humans who pedal all the way around.  Two riders fit...

The Yamaha R1 is a venerable super bike but doesn’t satisfy the needs of riders who prefer the “naked” bike look. You know, like the BMW S1000R or the Aprilia Tuono. The MT-10 is a thing of beauty and also a bit on the ugly side. Depends on the viewer or the angle I suppose. The 2016 MT-10 is now the third Japanese bike to enter the super-naked class of super bikes. It sports the CP4 cross plane crankshaft, an inline 4-cylinder 998cc R1 engine, switchable 3-level traction control, and D-mode for multiple engine...

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 10:24am by Craig

If you haven’t heard of Vibram by now, well, I am surprised. They make soles for many shoe companies. Their latest shoe gadgetry comes in the form of a wrap-around shoe called the Vibram Furoshiki. The shoe was inspired by traditional Japanese Furoshiki fabrics used for wrapping up gifts, etc… The shoe design is a sole with stretchy fabric on both sides for wrapping around ones foot. The best part they are secured with Velcro. Who doesn’t love Velcro?...

Posted on Aug 12 2015 - 9:53am by gchoe

Perfect for the crazy aunt, Animal Rings. These cute little animal rings are handmade by Jiro Miura and the options are deep. You can chose from hedgehogs (my favorite), birds, rabbits, squirrels, seals, parrots, etc… The only tough part is translating the Japanese website. Step up your bling game with some Critter Fingers. Pictures of some more animals after the break. ...