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Considering that the earths population is set to grow from 7 to 9 billion in the next 2o years it is time to get creative about housing options. Add that with the fact that most of the earth’s surface is covered in water and that 75 percent of the world’s megacities are butted right up against the water. I’m not even going to get into global warming and sea level changes. You get the idea.  Time for a houseboat.

This isn’t your typical “houseboat”. The HydroHouse was designed by Zhivov and Baikal Yacht Group and combines a houseboat, dock, and seaplane mooring. That alone is pretty amazing but it is also transportable by a normal semi-truck. When/if the world goes full crazy, untie the ropes and push-off.

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Construction dudes like coffee, it’s a fact. Not really, but I think the two go hand-in-hand. Now you don’t have to pull your construction truck through the drive-through to get your coffee fix. The Makita CM501D is a coffee maker that is powered by the same rechargeable Li-ion batteries that the Makita power tools use. Genius! the Makita CM501D can make up to 5.3 cups of coffee per charge. ...

Shoei Neotec II

If you have ever ridden motorcycles in a group setting you know how fun, and frustrating, it can be. It is fun because you get to share the ride experience with friends and are more visible riding in a group. It is a bit frustrating at times when you are in the middle of the pack and need to stop for a restroom break and have no way of communicating with other riders around you.

One way to solve this is to bolt on a SENA Bluetooth Helmet Headset onto your existing helmet. Not the most elegant helmet addition, but it works. Well the folks at SENA and SHOEI have joined forces for a seamless helmet communication system, the Neotec II Helmet.

SENA’s exclusive SRL Communication System is tailored specifically to the NEOTEC II helmet. When installed, the SRL is virtually undetectable from the outside of the helmet, and functions with a simple 3-button control. Chat with other riders via bluetooth intercom, listen to music, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, and much more with the SRL. Learn more about the SRL here.

The NEOTEC II is an every-occasion helmet with the adaptability to excel no matter where your next journey takes you. The convenient “flip-up” versatility of a true two-in-one helmet combined with next-level aerodynamics, an internal sun shield, Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the all-new SENA SRL (SHOEI Rider Link) Communication System, the NEOTEC II is the pinnacle of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.


Cold weather doesn’t have to end your backyard hangout sessions. You just need to be creative. Try popping a Breeo smokeless fire pit to your backyard hangout area. There are four Breeo models to choose from (Ablaze, Zentro, Double Flame, and Luxeve). The Breeo fire pits keep smoke at a minimum by using a double-wall, secondary combustion chamber. This means that the smoke is mixed with heated oxygen causing it to reburn. No more playing musical chairs to dodge the smokey areas. The Breeo fire pits are made in Lancaster, PA and...

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 9:01am by Lisa C.

Sure, you could show up to the next beach or pool party with an ordinary float or beach ball. How ordinary. Instead, show up with a 12-foot giant beach ball. Yep, 659,000 cubic inches of volume wrapped in 30mil vinyl. Don’t even think of blowing this 12-foot beach ball without an electric air-pump. Video and pictures of this spectacle after the break. ...

EHANG 184 Electric Helicopter

Take a DJI drone and make it larger, much larger, add a seat and you have the EHANG 184. While it isn’t that simple, it isn’t that far off. This replacement car of the future is a personal helicopter. Much of the flight systems are automated (like the DJI’s). In recent testing of the EHANG 184 they have flown up to 984-feet high with over 500-pounds, recorded a distance of 9.3-miles with a top speed of 80.7 MPH, and logged 1000’s of manned flights. While I am sure it is safe and will only improve with time, I would like to see an 0h-shit parachute added before I hop inside. More pictures and video of the EHANG 184 after the break. (more…)

This inexpensive lighter uses a rechargeable battery instead of fuel and a spark instead of a flame. The Tacklife ELY01 will work about 1000 times before needing a recharge and can be charged about 500 times. In other words, it should last a very long time before needing to be retired. The head on Tacklife ELY01 Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter ($17) is flexible for those tough to reach ignition spots (think bbq grills, gas fireplaces, etc..). Also good for damp and windy conditions as it doesn’t have a flame to blow out. Video...

The Apple computer of easy to fly quadcopters, DJI,  is planning on releasing this new drone copter On 1/23/18 but somehow it snuck out a day early. Again, just like Apple. Wink wink. This little guy looks like a hybrid between a Mavic Pro and a Spark and is named the Mavic Air. Specs for the DJI Mavic Air include a 32-megapixel camera, a 3-way gimbal, 4k video capture, and a panorama mode. Gesture control and obstacle avoidance are still included. Flight time is expected to be about 21-mintues and comes in black, red, and white. A...

RAP 10 Spherical Shrub Trimmer

In what is entirely too long of a video, this fellow shows off a spherical bush trimming gadget. Dubbed the RAP 10 trimmer from Orlandi, it has one job and one job only. Trimming shrubs into perfect little round spheres. Video of this cool invention after the break. (more…)

Subwing Gif

The Subwing ($249) is an actual product you can buy today. It is made to be towed behind a watercraft at a slow speed of about 3-knots. The idea is to recreate the feeling of flying while underwater. More pictures and video after the break. (more…)