Case Zeus Electric Backhoe Loader

Posted on Mar 18 2020 - 9:49am by Russ

Case 580 EV Project Zeus

Cars, boats, planes, busses, helicopters and the like are getting electrified. It makes sense, assuming we can recycle all of the batteries. Another vehicle is about to join the electric party – the backhoe loader. The construction company, Case, has introduced the first fully electric backhoe loader named Project Zeus (or 580 EV).

Case 580 EV Project Zeus Electric Backhoe

The Case 580 EV has a 480-V and 90 kWh lithium battery which will provide enough power for an eight-hour workday. Sure the fuel savings are nice, but just like electric cars, the real savings are in maintenance cost. Case estimates 90-percnet less service/maintenance costs.

“Operators will experience the same digging, lifting and craning performance achieved in a diesel-powered machine in a quieter, emissions-free work area. That’s the ultimate goal of our sustainability efforts — improve the world around us, make equipment more sustainable, and to do so while finding new ways to improve productivity and the experience of the people who use the equipment.”

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