High-tech Toaster

Posted on Mar 3 2008 - 2:19am by Russ


I’m not into appliances that can only do one thing. In fact, I think it seems quite foolish to have a popcorn popper, hot dog cooker (you know the ones… what toasters would look like if they went to the carnival), and a margarita-making machine. I mean, who can afford all that counter/cabinet space storing stuff you only used once every five years?

To that end, I’m a firm supporter of toaster ovens. They toast all types of bread, large or small, thin or fat, sliced or bulky. Plus they can bake cookies, heat up left-over pizza, and in a pinch, roast a chicken leg or two.


However, I’m torn over the slick new Philips HD2618 1200W Toaster. It’s the perfect addition to one’s high tech kitchen. Relatively sleek styling, buttons that glow blue, and comes complete with a “sleep” mode, and those aren’t even the real features. For starters, it comes packed with 1200 watts, I’m pretty sure my little microwave doesn’t even come close. A digital countdown so you know just how long the wait will be is a nice touch. Plus, modes for toasting frozen bread, toasting one side only for bagels and sandwich rolls, and re-heating already toasted bread. Fancy.

I guess Philips doesn’t think the U.S. market is ready for such a revolutionary toaster. Or maybe we just don’t respect bread enough in North and South Americas. Whatever the reason, this model is only available in Europe and Asia.

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