Inexpensive Quality iPhone Headphones

Posted on Mar 26 2008 - 11:41am by Russ


For only $24.95 you can go away from the “decent” quality headphones that come stock with your iPhone, and get a set of RadTech ProCable’s. The ProCable’s has a unique feature that I think is important, but neglected in most noise isolating units.

“The ProCable headset improves on typical isolation-type phones by employing a unique sound valve that opens a pathway in each earpiece to allow ambient sound to enter and be heard when the music volume falls below 40 dB. In simple terms, the sound valve allows you to hear environmental or ambient sounds when your player volume is low or off. As your player volume is increased, the valve closes to keep ambient sounds from spoiling the musical experience. This provides a level of safety as the phones do not have to be removed in order to adequately hear what’s around you – simply activate the players pause button and you have immediate ambient recognition.”




  • Affordable, high quality in-ear headset for iPhone
  • Super-soft eartips provide hours of comfortable wearing
  • Audiophile-grade drivers deliver outstanding sonic performance
  • Small diameter audio jack fits iPhone perfectly
  • Sound valve technology enhances safety and usability
  • Rugged solid billet construction withstands extreme abuse
  • Tough, flexible cabling with strain-relieved terminations
  • Two pairs of super-soft ear tips included
  • Can be worn with cable in front or behind head
  • Includes useful clothing clip

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