iSkin earTones Review

Posted on Apr 21 2011 - 6:13am by Russ

 iSkin EarTones

Finding a set of earbuds that "do it all" is pretty tough.  Trying to find a set of earbuds that have good sound, are comfortable, have iPod/iPhone control, a good microphone, and don't look lame isn't as easy as it sounds.  In reviewing the iSkin earTones I have

come pretty close.  The iSkin earTones are a good all-around earbud.

The iSkin earTone stereo headphones come with an in-line microphone and remote control for use with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other smartphones/computers.  The earTones are very lightweight and comfortable.  Some earbuds tend to irritate me after being worn for an hour or more, this doesn't happen with the earTones.  They have  soft tips and FlexFit, a flexible neck.  One of the extra features I like as a cootiephobe, is the Microban coating on the earbuds and microphone.  Microban inhibits the growth of odor, fungus, and bacteria.  You have many choices of colors, I chose black.

The sound quality of the microphone is superb and will not illicit the "what did you say" comments.  The sound quality of the speakers is pretty good.  They tend to lean a bit on the treble side of things and don't have a strong bass response which isn't a surprise.  Will have to see if bass improves after a week of break-in.

All-in-all the iSkin earTone's are a great replacement set of earbuds for your music/video player or phone.  You can buy them directly at iSkin for about $39.99.

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