ClearBoost iPhone Antenna Booster

Posted on Apr 4 2008 - 8:27am by Russ


Griffin, the maker of Apple accessories, has come out with an antenna booster/case for your iPhone. I am typically leery of any “passive” antenna claims, this gadget doesn’t even plug into your iPhone… it is just built into the case. After watching Griffin’s nifty video, I think it may just work (for a 5db to 10db gain). The coolest thing I learned however, is how to get in to your iPhone’s “field test mode”… you gotta try this – dial the following *3001#12345#* and hit “send”. Tinker away.

Too bad it makes your iPhone look like a Treo, and our favorite case is still the Incase Slider.

Griffin claims the following:

  • Boosts the built-in antenna of your iPhone
  • Fewer dropped calls, cleaner signal
  • Wider service areas
  • Physical protection against bumps and scratches

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