Pimp Out Your Antenna

Posted on Apr 4 2008 - 2:57pm by L.


In a money saving, anti-establishment move, all the geek’s in my neighborhood are giving Comcast the middle finger and putting up antennas to get uncompressed, and unbastardized by Comcast, high def video. That’s right folks – broadcast TV is often the best quality high-def signal available. Remember the old school antennas from the Pre-Cable era? They are baaack! For about sixty bucks you can buy your Dad’s antenna or if you are “teh hardcorez” you can take it up a notch (BAM!) and roll your own. The Gray-Hoverman super antenna is a brainchild of a collaborative effort dating back to the late image50’s, since then modified, min-maxed, and perfected by teams of video nerds, renegade Area 51 scientists and a small technologically progressive tribe of Bantu pygmies. Detailed specs for building this available here. You can make the Gray-Hoverman antenna in two flavors. The 4-Bay Reflector UHF Antenna is poignant yet not overbearing. The 8-Bay Reflector UHF Antenna is another way to go, especially if you are building up your street cred as a video nerd or if your crappy neighbor is trying to sell his house.

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  1. John Brown November 25, 2008 at 4:53 pm -

    Good looking antenna! I have built several transmitting antennas over the years for the Amateur Radio bands and I have toyed with whether to build a yagi, quad, or multi-element screen antenna for receiving the digital uhf tv channels. After veiwing your article, I think I will try this design.

    Keep up the good work!….John Brown – KE4HIE

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