ChamTech Makes A Spray-on Nanoparticle Mix That Turns Trees Into Antennas

Posted on Feb 27 2012 - 8:30am by Robby S.

A small Utah company, Chamtech Operations, has created a nanoparticle mix that can sprayed on to just about anything vertical, like a tree, creating a high-powered antenna.

This spray on mix can turn a tree into an antenna or be used to extend the range of existing antennas by a factor of 100.  A great example is an RFID tag which has a range of about 1.5-meters, when sprayed the range increases to 200-meters.  Another example, is the use of these nanoparticles on an iPhone antenna that was put into a Faraday cage. When compared, the dBm increased a full 20 dBm from the standard antenna.

The nanoparticle mix acts like nanocapacitors and help in charging and discharging very quickly without creating any heat.

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