Solar Air Purifier

Posted on Apr 10 2008 - 6:31pm by Russ

Solar Air Purifier

I love just about everything solar… and oddly enough I really like air purifiers… which is why this gadget made it up on the site. Even though it is a a neat idea for a “vehicle” air purifier, I don’t think too many people are going to stick something this large on their dash.

Product Specifications:

  • Powered by solar energy
  • Powered by 12V from cigarette plug in case there is no sunlight
  • Deodorize and sterilize indoor air
  • Adjustable solar panel according to the sunlight direction
  • Flashing LED indicator when it is working
  • Size: 90*80*40mm
  • Weight: 110g


  • Solar Car Air Purifier
  • 12V cigarette plug cable
  • Dual-adhesive tape


image image

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