Anti Monkey Butt Powder?

Posted on May 20 2008 - 9:00am by Russ

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Is there really a market for this?  I like to think that general good hygiene (aka shower and soap) negates the need for butt powder.  But (no pun intended), I was on a 5 day hike with some college buddies, and the guy directly in front of me could have used about 5 bottles of this stuff.  You can use it on your feet too… it is all starting to make sense now.

“Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb sweat and minimize frictional skin discomfort.  Helps to keep you dry and comfortable.  Ideal for butt busting activities such as motorcycling, bicycling, horseback riding, truck driving, hiking, hockey, football, and baseball. 

Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day.  Don’t let your buns get red.  Use Anti Monkey Butt  Powder instead!”

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