Bike While Drinking Beer = PedalPub

Posted on May 21 2008 - 3:30pm by L.

Pedal Pub drunk bike

What can be more exciting than biking with your friends?! How about biking with your friends while drinking beer? The two obviously go together in the Netherlands. The Fietscafe is a mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people per bike, who can transport themselves by moving the pedals while getting plowed! You need a sober driver, and not everyone has to pedal (don’t want to spill that beer). Possibilities are limited to your imagination only, including Ladies Night. If you aren’t traveling to the Netherlands anytime soon, do not fear. This bold European adventure has also landed in the US, in the bastion of sobriety known as Minneapolis. Operating under the name Pedalpub with a very appropriate slogan “The SLOW Fun!” they focus on Tours and Snacks, while making ambiguous alcohol references – more of a “don’t ask don’t tell” and “what you do in the privacy of your private property is your business”. So there you go – get plowed while getting fit *hic*.

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