Clothes Washing Machine – Works With One Cup Of Water

Posted on Jun 9 2008 - 11:19am by Russ

1 cup clothes washing machine

Smart folks at Leeds University have found a way to wash a full load of clothes with only one cup of water.  Not to mention the clothes come out, practically, dry.  Not too surprising since you are only using one cup of water… I spill more than that on myself daily.

The washer works by mixing in a bunch of small plastic  chips which absorb dirt.  The chips can be used for 100 washes.  Expect to see this device as early as next year.


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  1. Sabine September 30, 2008 at 5:19 am -

    Just wondering if those plastic chips won’t snag fabrics? Maybe they are totally rounded and smooth? At this time I love the front-loader Neptune washer which uses only half the water of previous agitator washers. Of course it uses more than one cup of water. Also, it doesn’t tear the clothes as happened often with the old-type washing machines. What about a large washer modeled after the ‘vacuum-pressure-type’ small-load plastic washers? I have one of those for emergencies. Water is pressured thru the clothes and they come out clean.

  2. Luddite September 30, 2008 at 1:23 pm -

    Sorry but I do not believe this is feaseable technology.

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