Yirego Drumi Foot Powered Washing Machine

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 10:05am by Lew


The Yirego Drumi ($108) is marketed as an off grid clothes washing machine. It is that, and more. You can use the Yirego Drumi foot powered washing machine while camping, for some extra exercise, in the RV, or as a backup to your normal machine should it ever have a bad day. No word on how much clothes you can jam in for an effective wash but it appears to be about 5 t-shirts. Pretty cool in a pinch.


You simply add your dirty laundry, a bit of detergent, a bit of water, and then start pumping with your foot. The clothes are tumbled with the soap and water for a normal washing machine like cleaning. Once cleaned you simply press a button to drain the dirty water. The only bummer is that they are just in the pre-order stage with a  super long delivery date of July 2016. When did our world become such a pre-order type of market? Video of the Yirego Drumi foot powered washer in action after the break.

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