Russian Guy Creates A Better Gear Thingie

Posted on Jun 10 2008 - 12:01pm by L.

Suren Mkrtchan Gear

That’s right, a fellow from Russia by the name Suren Mkrtchan creates, what he believes, is a better gear. It works by replacing gear cogs with steel balls and accomplishing linkage by supplying the other side with matching dips. To make things interesting the inventor says that the balls are glued in their nests and thus kept in place by virtue of that and “compression suction – like a plunger”… Right about now those of us who attended more than 4 grades of elementary school are rubbing our noggins saying “but wait a minute…”.  Yes, this contraption overlooks some simple laws of physics and practicality, but it sure looks cool! Suren is a cinematographer by education, but he reminds all the naysayers that it was Arthur C. Clark that prophesized the use of geostationary satellites… I am sure when Surens works eclipse those of Mr. Clark, his invention will be viewed more seriously. You got to admit though, his idea got balls…

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  1. Bob Palindrome June 13, 2008 at 12:10 pm -

    Reminds me of something I have seen long ago. Like one of those Renaissance toys or maybe a little later.

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