Amphibious RV By Terra Wind

Posted on Jun 26 2008 - 12:39pm by Russ

Terra Wind Amphibious RV

After doing a deep demographics analysis of our readership, we have determined that you are all very rich… filthy rich.  So from now on we will be showing more gadgets that cost mucho money.

The Terra Wind Amphibious RV starts at $850,000 and goes up considerably from there.  The RV will cruise on land like a rock star’s tour bus… and will also cruise in the lake like a pimped out yacht.  Some of the gadgets onboard this beast are, GPS, DVD/VHS/CD players, all major appliances (yep everything), whirlpool hot tub, marble floors and shower, huge plasma TV’s, and best of all a 6-foot swim deck.

image image image image

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