Mercedes Benz Future Bus

Posted on Jul 18 2016 - 12:11pm by Lew


Mercedes Benz is showing off their latest concept car bus, the Future Bus with CityPilot. This tech’d out Mercedes Future Bus is loaded with radar and camera systems. These systems may allow this bus to be self-driving.

The interior of the bus is an open-plan style and is said to be designed after city parks. The bus is split into three different zones based on how long a passenger will be on the ride. Not a ton of seats, as you will see in the vide and pictures below. Seems a bit silly in that regard. It is a bus after all.

mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-8 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-11 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-14 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-15 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-16 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-17 mercedes-benz-future-bus-with-citypilot-19

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