IZAP UV Toothbrush Sanitizer – Get The Poop Off Of Your Toothbrush

Posted on Jul 7 2008 - 11:20am by Russ

Toothbrush UV Sanitizer

I am a big fan of sanitizing everything… especially my toothbrush.  Don’t think that running hot tap water on your toothbrush will kill all of the cooties.  And, considering your toothbrush hangs out in the bathroom and fecal matter seems to hop surfaces like a little leapfrog… get this case… and quit putting poop in your mouth.  If you think I am making this stuff up… read this.

Heck… you might even get sick less… for $19.95 give it a shot.

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  1. NoRocketScientist July 7, 2008 at 2:11 pm -

    I would sure love to see some reputable folk like Myth Busters follow up their poopy toothbrush study using these UV gadgets. If I remember correctly from my school years this should work only if you got a really beefy light with no bristles covering other bristles, etc. Also if I remember correctly, UV actually promotes fungal growth.

  2. Roni Knapenberger January 25, 2009 at 1:21 am -

    Great, thanks!

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