Germ Killing UV-C Light Wand

Posted on Nov 30 2009 - 2:00pm by Russ

Guardian LW18 UV Wand

A bit like starwars lightsabers, but a tad nerdier I guess.  The Germ Guardian LW18 UV-C LIght Wand is a germ killing machine.  Pass this light wand over surfaces to help keep your home healthy and clean. Kills 99% of bacteria, virus, mold & dust mites on bedding, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Produces NO ozone and shuts off automatically. UV-C Light is used in hospitals to sanitize surfaces and kill germs without the use of chemicals. Light automatically turns off after specified time to conserve battery life.  Yours for under $55 here.

You already know how I feel a bout cooties with the "poop on your toothbrush" story.

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