Asus Confirms Specs And Prices For Eee PC 904 And 1000, Denies PC 905

Posted on Jul 9 2008 - 1:56pm by L.

Eee PC

Asus finally confirmed specs and pricing for the long awaited Eee PC 904, which is essentially a PC 900 in a PC 1000’s body with a bigger keyboard. Looks like they are creeping towards laptophood…  It uses the Intel Celeron-M 900MHz processor instead of the Atom chip like the 901 and 1000, with 80Gb hard disk instead of an SSD, so bang it less please. The peanut gallery is confuzzled, we kinda liked the footprint of the PC 900. Pricing has been made more aggressive, from UK reports ÂŁ269 with VAT. BTW 901s are on newegg at $599 USD, and there is a $100 Mail in Rebate on the Eee PC 900 (down to $449). I doubt we going to hear much bitching from the early owners of the 900s since they clearly out-pimped the coolness curve albeit at a price. Oh and Asus squelched the PC 905 rumors, nothing to see here – go home.

Eee PC Spec Table

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  1. effinknowitall July 10, 2008 at 12:08 pm -

    any idea on ETA on these?

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