Bloodsucking Telecom Looking For Suckers

Posted on Jul 15 2008 - 12:06pm by L.

Mosquito Phone

In another news of the weird and pseudo-sciency-shit-that-should-work-but-doesn’t, a South Korean phone company, SK Telecom, offers a phone feature that promises to repel mosquitoes. For $2.50 US per play people can play a high-pitched sound that claims to scare the bugs. From personal experience the only way to avoid mosquitoes is to have serious netting or stay indoors. I still remember from my childhood watching a mosquito land on my repellent slathered arm and slowly push its sucker through a bubble of “repellant” goo. Back to the science thing though, the empirical data from mosquito infested forests suggests that they don’t give a rats ass about noise no matter what frequency its served at. So for $2.50 a beep all you’re going to do is annoy pets and people with sensitive hearing. Come to think of it, for $2.50 a shot in South Korea you can probably hire a buxom youth to swat bugs for you.  Still cheaper than this gem.

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  1. Fergie July 15, 2008 at 9:09 pm -

    That is a gross picture! Ewww, OMG!

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