Storefront Rocket Ride = Waste Of Money

Posted on Aug 29 2008 - 8:39am by Russ

Storefront Rocket Ride

 Hammacher Schlemmer – the seller of cool gadgets is pimping a storefront rocket ride… the kind that you used to ride as a kid.  Sans nostalgia, this thing is a serious waste of money… $10,000!!!  For $10,000 your kid could have some real toys… like a bad ass golf cart or 40 RC hovercrafts.  Even if I was filthy rich and had money to buy… this wouldn’t make it into my toy collection.

This is the classic rocket ride encountered in front of supermarkets during the 1960s, recalling a time when a single nickel and imagination was the only requirement a child needed. An authentic unit refurbished to its original state, including the details of its tapered nose cone,bulbous body, and symbols suggestive of space travel.

Made of sturdy fiberglass, the rocket ride uses an electric motor to provide the same one-minute “traveling” motion that it provided nearly half a century ago, including gentle rising, diving, and banking left and right; the speed of motion is controlled by turning the handle bars. A built-in sound system produces rocket sound effects, including take-off procedures, countdown, lift-off, and flight.

The coin box takes dimes; coins are easily retrieved. Resting on a platform of polished aluminum diamond plate–the classic metal flooring for carnival arcade rides–the ride rolls smoothly on four casters.

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