Eco-Fadding With Solarjo Power Purse

Posted on Sep 16 2008 - 11:02am by L.


In yet another affirmation of our love for all things solar we introduce the Solarjo bag. This one was brought to our attention by one of our readers. Solar bags are not exactly new – we covered the bags and backpacks by Voltaic Systems and there are plenty of other contenders like the solar obsessed folks from Reware and many others. While I find the Solarjo purse advertisement to be “cool” in a “WTF, did I really just see that?!” sort of way, I still prefer the more “earthy” advertisement from Reware.I have to admit however, that the eco-fadness of covering every inch of objects surface with solar cells, is beginning to wear on me. At some point it becomes not about function, but an attention-whoring scream of “Look at me, I are eco friendly”?

Solar Powered[Source] Via KSU

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