$12,000 Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Posted on Oct 14 2008 - 7:42am by gchoe

Bulletproof Shirt

This Caballero linen-covered polo dubbed the “Armani of Armor” by high-profile clients such as Prince Felipe of Spain, President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela will protect the wearer from a 9mm bullet and even an Uzi. The $12,000 anti-ballistic polo short is made from ultra light bulletproof fabric with removable ballistic panels for flexibility and discretion.

Caballero’s high-end Black Label line includes bulletproof leather jackets, tuxedo shirts, custom clothing and this polo. Harold’s of London is the first retailer to sell these garmets outside of Latin America and is catering to Russian oligarchs who are currently buying up London’s priciest Real Estate. However, the rest of us can order the bulletproof polo shirt or any custom bulletproof clothing through Caballero’s retail outlet


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