Duplicate Keys From Just A Picture

Posted on Oct 31 2008 - 8:16am by Russ


The kids you used to pick on in high school are at it again… computer scientist from the University of San Diego have create software that will duplicate a key from a photo.  The photo doesn’t even need to be that good.  Yikes.

The system, named Sneakey, uses "teleduplication–extracting a key’s complete and precise bitting code at a distance via optical decoding and then cutting precise duplicates," according to Sneakey’s Web site.

They claim that the projects mission is to make sure people are aware of how unsafe traditional keys are.  Pure silliness… who are they kidding?  I guess this is the perfect time to show people how unsafe windows are against my latest development.  See a picture of my project titled "Window Vulnerability Tester" after the break.


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