Oil-Less Turkey Fryer – The Big Easy

Posted on Nov 19 2008 - 9:06am by Russ

Oil-less Turkey Fryer

Just in time for the holidays.. the Char-Broil’s “The Big Easy” Oil-less infrared turkey fryer.  Everyone knows, or should know, that a deep fried turkey tastes amazing.  The oil-less turkey fryerdownsides to frying a turkey are the dangers of cooking a huge tub of hot/flammable oil… and the affects on your waste line.   But damn does it taste good.

The latest trend in turkey cooking is the new oil-less method which uses a propane tank and infrared technology to cook the turkey.  I have never tried it so I can’t vouch for yum factor… but people claim it works well.  Heck, for only $149.99 it might be worth a shot… and you are less likely to burn your house down.

  • Patented Heat Wave Infared technology
  • Able to cook turkeys, up to 16 lbs., chickens, beef roasts, pork tenderloins, and other large cuts of meet
  • Does NOT oil, no more splatter or disposal of used oil necessary
  • Includes: Cooker, cooking basket, lifter, meat thermometer and quick start cooking guide

Still not sure how this turkey cooker gadget works… check the video after the break.

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